Eco Hub Wins Green Award for Environmental Impact

Our Eco Hub has won the Low-Tech Prize in the Green Solutions Awards 2022-2023 in recognition of the Hub's positive environmental impact.
Eco Hub Wins Green Award for Environmental Impact

We're thrilled to share that our Eco Hub has won the Low-Tech Prize in the Green Solutions Awards 2022-2023!

Awarded by Construction21 and supported by the UN Environment Programme and the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction, the Eco Hub was praised by judges for the social aspect of its spaces, its low environmental impact and how it blends with nature.

Designed by Sol Espoille (collaborating architect Ramiro Chiaradia) with Passivhaus Consultancy and Blower Door testing by Praxis Resilient Buildings in 2022, the Eco Hub is a near zero energy building (NZEB) that uses energy from on-site renewable sources and produces 90% of the energy it consumes. The building offers energy savings of up to 70% compared to conventional buildings and has Passive House Classic Certification.

Preparing the next generation of changemakers

As well as having a positive environmental impact, the Eco Hub prepares the next generation of changemakers with our community of over 70 children aged 6-12 taking part in nature-based learning and taking climate action as part of our Primary Programmes.

Children learn inside the Hub and at the heart of nature in the nearby woods. They learn about the connections between nature, science and culture and put theory into action by taking part in beach clean-ups.


Christopher Pommerening, Learnlife Founder, said:

"We're honoured to receive this prestigious award. The Eco Hub was designed to provide a learning environment that enables children to flourish, connects with nature and has a positive environmental impact.

"The award recognises this and highlights the possibilities for change in developing purpose-inspired learning spaces with wellbeing and the environment as pillars of their design."

Oliver Style, Passivhaus Consultant from Praxis, added:

“In an average Spanish school, indoor climate conditions and air quality are inadequate 5 of every 6 hours that children are there.

The Eco Hub is bucking this trend, made with a scalable, modular, prefabricated construction system, allowing for the rapid assembly of healthy learning spaces with good air quality and thermal comfort, fit for warm climates, with super low energy bills.

An exception, that should be the norm! We are thrilled with the Green Solutions Award and honoured to have been a part of this trailblazing project.”

The Eco Hub aims to improve the environment by offering an innovative learning space in the heart of nature with sustainable construction that helps reduce CO2 emissions on our planet. 

The focus on the wellbeing of our planet is evident throughout the Hub, with the goal of contributing positively to both learning and the physical and biological environment in which learning occurs.

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