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Interlingualism in learning

Interlingualism is quite a new word, but the concept is as old as the human story itself. At Learnlife, we welcome interlingualism as the chance to share together in the beautiful diversity of sounds and stories within our community, and to instil global citizenship at the heart of our experience. So what is it, and why does it matter?

Neuroscience and the joy of learning

Last month, we wrote about the neuroscience of learning and we gave fair warning that we would return to the topic. Sooner than you thought, perhaps, but we just couldn't wait. We wanted to zoom in on one particular area, and that is the joy of learning. 

Community story: From the school of life to lifelong learning

Jago Bakshy shares his unique learning journey; from his birthplace in the UK, to India and most recently to Barcelona, Spain, where he is part of the cohort of the Explorers programme at Barcelona’s Learnlife Urban Hub.

7 questions about numeracy at Learnlife

Maths trauma is a real thing, and that should be an alarm bell for the way numeracy is approached in the traditional education system. From balancing our books to balancing our tables, numeracy skills are functional skills we need in today’s world. So how do we approach numeracy at Learnlife? What exactly is “soccermatics”? We put 7 questions to Learning Guide Adria Balcazar and got an exponential return. 

The neuroscience of learning - 3 things we need to tell to learners and parents

The neuroscience of learning is starting to come of age. Much is still speculation, but more and more conclusions are being widely accepted. Here are three things we feel parents and educators ought to know about the brain. 

What we learned during the shift to remote learning

As doors open and normal service resumes, we look back at what we learned from a sudden shift to remote learning, and how it has made us stronger as a learning community.

Learnlife Studios - where the magic really happens

A creative space where you can truly explore? A place to discover, iterate and make an impact? Look no further than Learnlife studios.

A learning community by no other name

Deconstructing buzzwords is something of a hobby at Learnlife, and today is the turn of the learning community. What happens when you open the doors between learners and the “real world” and should there be a door in the first place?

Community Story: In and Out - My Education

Francis Indini Botwey shares his unique learning journey; from his birthplace in Ghana where his learning path began, to France and now Barcelona, Spain, where he is part of the cohort of Change Makers at Learnlife Urban Hub.

What does VUCA learning look like?

Our world is a VUCA world, but traditional education tries to shelter our children from that reality with a neatly packaged system that does nothing to help them prepare for an uncertain world. So what does VUCA learning look like, and what is at its core?

Learnlife’s Rites of Passage: how our learners meet the challenge

We use the transformative power of the rites of passage to help learners develop self-confidence, work with mentors and peers, learn and adapt.

It's time to throw out traditional credentialing

Will we ever move beyond school grades and entry tests? We think so, and employers largely agree. It is time for the gatekeepers in between to accept that in this fast-changing world, something just ain't right with traditional credentialing.

25 Learning Methodologies That Every 21st Century Education Professional Should Know

Schools are being advised that they should employ modern learning methodologies such as Flipped Classroom, Design Thinking and Project-Based Learning. But are they just ‘buzz words’ or a fad?

Parents as partners in the learning journey

Learning is constellational; always expanding and in perpetual motion, but children can and should be supported to see that and embrace it.  Collaboration ensures a network of support and shared purpose around the children who are at the centre of it all.

Preparing learners for a future we cannot control

The idea that everything in our future can be perfectly predicted and measured is just not true, and hanging on to that illusion of control is one way in which mainstream thinking is letting us down badly.

Choosing a Growth Mindset

We often hear the phrase it’s not about the destination but the journey, and the growth mindset is exactly that.

Nature based learning at Learnlife Nature Hub

There is a real difference between learning that takes place in an environment and learning that actually uses the environment.

[RE]LEARN 2020: Reflections from a Young Learner

We must rewire our thinking in order to move towards an educational system where there is authentic and profound respect for learners.

Skateboarding and Learnlife - what's the connection?

In a learning environment like ours, or others who are transforming the system around the world right now, we can see why skateboarders have found somewhere that aligns with the way they interact and the way they learn.

Growing Positive Relationships

We must reframe the widely assumed belief that relationships are accidental and acknowledge that they can be deliberately forged.

Learn, Unlearn, Relearn

“The illiterate of the future are not those who can’t read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

We are excited about learning (at last)

We’re not there yet, but it is really happening. We finally stepped back, so that learners could take control.

A new education paradigm brings its own reward

Play isn’t a concept just for infants and young children. Doing anything you truly enjoy is play, and you’ll know that by how it feels.

Change in education begins on day one

In a new education paradigm we talk more of an onboarding process than matriculation. So what exactly does this mean, and how does it differ?

An alternative education beyond the wall

The wall is often overlooked in discussions of a learning environment, perhaps because they are simply there, and we’ve forgotten what anything else might look like.

Education Innovation is a word apart (spelling is intentional!)

The chances are, that for most people reading this, your learning experience was pretty structured. The interesting question, however, is what that word, “structured” means to you.

Learnlife Inspirations: 5 Books & Articles to Read this Month

A few of the books and articles that have inspired and advanced our thinking for the learning approach and paradigm.

Community Story: Establishing Personal Values and Vision

If people are not empowered to envision their own lives, then they run the risk of allowing others to do it for them.

Join the Alliance: A Movement to Deliver Educational Change

Today, revolutions often begin with the spreading of ideas online.

Why Mental Wellbeing is Now Top of Mind

As the Covid pandemic continues and many countries are still in an extended state of quarantine, the topic of mental wellbeing now becomes top of mind.

A New Learning Paradigm

Learnlife proposes a new learning paradigm is needed to prepare learners for the future and create the momentum required to drive change in education.

Ikigai and purpose-inspired learning

Learning should begin with finding one's purpose, the ‘why’ that propels us forward. And helping develop this ikigai for students is our focus for their future.

Community Story: A time to listen, learn and act

Sam Lardner, Director of Learnlife Barcelona, shares a heartfelt letter with our community that arises from the events of the last week in the United States

The quest for purpose: One learner moves to his own beat

Meet the 15-year-old 'Learnlifer' who is carving his own path and finding purpose during confinement

The power of bringing together health and education

An interview with Monica Evason, mindset coach, on why now, more than ever, it's important to talk about mental wellbeing

The Shift to Remote Learning

On March 10, we shifted to remote learning — into the homes of over 60 learners in Barcelona and beyond. This post is about what has happened since.

'It's time for the little boats': Learning from the front line

See our second set of [RE]LEARN pre-recorded interviews featuring education innovators, influencers and front-line game-changers Alfredo Hernando, David Price and Devin Carberry

Love in the time of Covid: Tinder to teleconferencing

Today, in honour of Sant Jordi, the Catalan tradition celebrating love, romance and friendship, we take a look at how Covid is changing relationships and romance.

Community Story: Reflections from Rwanda

Last month, a group from the Learnlife community visited Rwanda. Here, one of the participants shares her reflections from the experience one month on and what we can learn from the central African country in times of Covid...

Time to 'unlearn being adults' and embrace the new normal in education

See our first set of [RE]LEARN pre-recorded interviews featuring education innovators and influencers Prof. Yong Zhao, Sarah Martin & Bea Beste

The Best of RELEARN Learnlife

Highlights from our [RE]LEARN global conversation held earlier this week and why a return to "normality" and old practices post-Covid would be a huge missed opportunity

The shift to remote learning rather than 'online schooling'

Why we should all be talking about home-based remote learning rather than online schooling, and how we define this

A Reflection from Learnlife Barcelona

As we conclude the second cycle of the 2019-2020 cohort, Learnlife Barcelona Director, Sam Lardner, takes a moment to reflect on the events of the past few weeks...

Letters of love: A campaign of solidarity and hope.

Want to send an uplifting message to a lonely hospital patient? Here are two ways you can do that.

A week of the Changemakers' schedule

How does learning happen at Learnlife now that it's remote? We're giving you a look into the Changemakers' schedule, which changes on a weekly basis.

10 Resources Every Parent Can Use to Engage Kids This Weekend

Feeling overwhelmed with Whatsapp updates on suggested activities? We've made a selection of some of the best ones to help you weed through the content overload.

Get a virtual tour of Learnlife Barcelona (and our 5 favourite global virtual sites)

Stuck at home this week? Visit Learnlife Barcelona through a Virtual Tour, as well as five of our favourite global sites.

The Remote Hero learning and working guide

In an unprecedented event, many people around the world have had to start learning and working from their homes, without much prior warning.

How Learnlife moved all learning online overnight

Last week on Tuesday, March 10th, Learnlife made the decision to shift from face-to-face learning to remote learning by moving all learning experiences online.

How does learning happen at Learnlife?

How we learn at Learnlife and what it means to 'build your why'.