Learnlife selected in the top 100 global innovations in education

Learnlife has just been recognized as one of the top 100 education innovations to watch in the year 2023 by HundrED.org! We are humbled and honoured to have been recognised for our work in learning innovation, alongside such a rich community of global changemakers.
Learnlife selected in the top 100 global innovations in education

Are you part of the HundrED.org community? HundrED is a “global mission-driven organisation specialised in education innovation“ and hugely influential and impactful in our sector. They are seen as a reference point for the future of education, building on the concept of networked enterprise where data, insights, ideas and impact are openly shared and built upon, then filtered out into the world through its network of members and ambassadors.   

So we were overjoyed to find out Learnlife’s elements of learning innovation has just been recognised as one of the top 100 education innovations to watch in the year 2023 by HundrED.org!

Selected from over 3,000 innovations worldwide by 200 global education experts, we are proud that reviews of our innovation recognised the positive impact Learnlife has on learners.

"This innovation focuses on fostering 21st century trends such as design thinking and lifelong learning. It will have a profound impact on students who are preparing for life in contemporary society."

- HundrED Academy Member

One of the most important aspects of these awards is that they make a statement. As our community seeks to address the pressing complex and nuanced social, economic, and environmental challenges of today, who and what we put forward and look to as part of the solution is of great importance. In Learnlife, we value the space to iterate and “fail forward” but in the wider education system, we must get this right first time. The stakes are too high. 

Learnlife has opened my eyes to different experiences and helped me understand life in general. They have put my interests first and deepened my recognition by preparing me for every aspect I could potentially face in the future. I feel very welcomed and heard.” 

- Caiman, Learner

Education innovation and its elements

You may know Learnlife’s  elements of learning innovation by its former name of the open learning paradigm; 21 elements which support a purpose and passion-driven authentic and sustainable learning community. 

In the spirit of HundrED and of our wider community to spread innovations in education, these elements are open to any person or community. They are the product of many years of research, discussion and co-creation within a community of learners, Learning Guides, and over 800 thought leaders from more than 80 countries in the Learnlife Alliance

The elements of learning innovation are a living roadmap to self-determined learning, which adapt to the learner, their ikigai, the learning environment and the world around it. Static frameworks do not work in a dynamic world.  These 21 elements are gathered in three phases: preparing the community to learn, implementing the model, and sustaining the model. 

Education innovation is a journey  

The real innovation in education of the elements of learning is that it supports the learning journey at all stages, and can be infinitely sustained through continuous feedback loops and collaboration with research-driven learning communities. 

This is not an inert “system” to be discarded with the prevailing political winds, or overhauled every five to ten years after damming OECD or PISA reports force the hand of policy. This is a continuous, living process that puts the passionate, human experience of learning at its heart. 

I love Learnlife, I have so much freedom to explore my passions and let my creativity go wild with thousands upon thousands of different ideas. I was never able to do that before.”

- Gerard, Learner

Day by day, we build something better together 

Each and every day we put these elements of learning into action, tweak and iterate, feedback and reflect. This is a fluid and ongoing process, and there is an open invitation to anyone who would like to use, contribute to or learn more about the way these elements support deeper, more personal learning.

"Learnlife has transformed me and my daughter in many subtle yet significant ways. She has been challenged and empowered to tackle much more relevant issues, and she's experienced the joy of deep learning and has grown on so many levels. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Learnlife."

- Fardiyah Dickie, Parent 

Watch the recording of the awarding ceremony at the HundrED innovation Summit and see the reference points chosen for our community. The elements of learning innovation are but one part of the Learnlife ecosystem, but they are a foundational part. 

In our global community, we are honoured to be able to play a part in pushing education forward towards something that truly serves our learners, empowers them to be who they want to be, and supports them to thrive and adapt in an ever changing world. 

We look forward to building closer links with our HundrED community of innovators and thank you all for the recognition, support and contribution. 


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