Learnlife is Officially Accredited as an International Secondary School

Learnlife is Officially Accredited as an International Secondary School

We are thrilled to share that Learnlife’s Secondary Programme at the Urban Hub is now recognised as an officially accredited international secondary school in Spain. 

This approval is not just a local recognition but a global one.

We have now also gained full accreditation with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), an internationally recognised accrediting body. 

This means that learners who meet the required criteria will qualify for an American high school diploma through NEASC and can also apply to co-validate their learning to receive the ESO certificate if they choose.

We’re delighted to have been accredited while maintaining our learner-centred and innovative approach to learning.

This further validates the academic rigour and high standards of our learning programmes and supports our mission to inspire educational change worldwide.

Each year, our learners progress to outstanding destinations, doing some they love. In 2023 this included going to university to study computer science, studying A Levels to become a pilot, joining a professional dance troupe and becoming a freelance designer.

Earning accreditation further increases the diverse range of pathways available to learners when they graduate from Learnlife. 

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