Empowering Neurodiverse Learners: Learnlife’s Pathfinders Programme

The Pathfinders programme, catering to neurodiverse learners, is a unique offering in Barcelona for those who need extra support.
Empowering Neurodiverse Learners: Learnlife’s Pathfinders Programme

Parenting a neurodivergent child comes with its own unique challenges, and finding the right support system can be difficult. The Pathfinders programme, designed for neurodiverse learners aged 11-16, offers expert guidance, caring support, and personalised strategies. This neurodiversity programme, catering to both English and Spanish speakers, focuses on developing executive functioning skills, addressing dyslexia and dyscalculia, and nurturing healthy self-esteem.

Unlocking the passion for learning in neurodiverse learners

In the dynamic landscape of education, Learnlife stands out as a trailblazer, guided by a learning paradigm that draws on the aggregated experiences of over 100 leading innovative schools worldwide and 50+ years of combined research.

Learnlife exists to inspire a love of learning and empower children to be independent, original thinkers, guiding them in discovering and developing their unique qualities and skills and supporting them in unlocking their passions.

At the core of Learnlife's philosophy is a belief that humans are inherently curious and driven to learn. By harnessing the insights gained from pioneering schools globally and decades of research, Learnlife has crafted a model that fosters a deep sense of curiosity and a natural inclination towards learning in every individual.

This guiding understanding that each learner is unique means that Learnlife is especially attuned to and attentive to the unique needs of each individual child. The Pathfinders programme was created to address the unique needs of the neurodiverse child and to empower their learning.

Sarah Emptage, the Pathfinder’s Programme coordinator, describes how she works with learners with ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia. 

“What we focus on with Pathfinders is finding their superpower. Who they are, what they like, what they have to offer, and what they're good at. Getting to know them beyond the label. That is one thing that is very important for us. By understanding that each child has different needs, we can develop that connection with learning and self-esteem.”

How does the Pathfinders Programme help neurodivergent learners?

The Pathfinders programme is structured to support neurodiverse learners in achieving their goals. The learning sessions focus on competencies, skills, and attitudes necessary for learners to continue growing as lifelong learners.

Most importantly, Learnlife offers a community that understands and supports neurodiverse children through 1:1 mentorship, small ratios and specialist support. Learners acquire skills and tools to construct a strong future through which they build confidence and create a powerful self-narrative.

Sarah explains how the programme supports this. “I tell them every time: my job is not to change you. It’s to help you be the best version of yourself. Right here, right now. In the future, it will be something else. But right here, right now, what is the best? I'm not here to change you. I'm here to learn from you.”

In addition to evidence-based interventions to develop literacy and numeracy skills, families receive a unique personal learning plan tailored to the needs of each learner and 1:1 weekly sessions with a psychologist who specialises in neurodiversity. 

In addition, learners work on adopting healthy behaviours through wellbeing workshops. Throughout the year, learners have opportunities to visualise their progress and receive supportive feedback.

“We focus on where challenges come from, not put patches on them,” Sarah explains. “Sometimes the progress seems slow, but these two pillars of instructional support and wellbeing support have made a visible, impactful change to the learners’ success.”

In addition to having a specially-designed support system, Learnlife’s physical hubs offer unique open spaces for learner growth and connection. In these spaces, where movement is not only allowed but encouraged, learners can reconnect to a love of learning through hands-on, experiential, and passion-based learning experiences. 

With these tools, neurodivergent learners can discover their superpowers and passions and confidently build the road towards their next step. Most importantly, they will find the happiness and inner peace that comes from being understood, safe, and supported. 

“We communicate with all the learners that we all have different needs, and sometimes we need help, and we're here to support each other,” Sarah explains.

The Pathfinders programme in Barcelona is a beacon of neurodiversity support, offering a unique blend of expert guidance, personalised strategies, and a nurturing environment. 

If you envision your child not just coping but thriving in their educational journey, the Pathfinders might be the transformative experience they need. Limited enrolment ensures a focused and supportive approach, making the Pathfinders programme an excellent choice for neurodiverse learners in Barcelona.

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